Who we are

Who we are

L'Era del Marxant is an ancient era at Pobleta de Bellveí restored and converted into a restaurant and small apartments. Small rooms, built in the haystack of the era, are designed as small apartments fully equipped, very cozy and bright.

In the area of the era is the restaurant, where you can savor typical pallaresa food: pork confit, girella pallaresa, escudella or cod with "samfaina" and grilled meats wood. Inside presents traditional elements that evoke ancient agricultural practices.

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Plaça Portal, 25

25513 La Pobleta de Bellveí (Lleida)

T: (0034) 973 661 735 / (0034) 973 661 717

M: (0034) 699 461 537

Email: info@leradelmarxant.es