La Pobleta de Bellveí

La Pobleta de Bellveí

Pobleta de Bellveí is a village in the municipality of La Torre de Cabdella, in Pallars Jussà Lleida province, had been head of a municipality itself, before 1970. In that year the municipalities were grouped Mont-ros, Pobleta de Bellveí and the term primal Torre de Cabdella, to form the current municipality, which retains the name of the last of the three.

It is situated in Flamisell valley close to L-503 road, almost at the southern end of the current municipality. Easy access, about 3 km. from Senterada northeast and 10 km. from Torre de Cabdella.

The parish church of the village is dedicated to San Feliu. is located in the center of the village. Also had the chapel of St Mary Magdalene, who disappeared in 1972.

Pobleta de Bellveí was upright at the end of the Middle Ages. It has a rectangular urban fabric, regular, with one main street and a couple of alleys. It corresponds to the late medieval period, coinciding with the depopulation of the old town of Bellveí. In the northeast corner also has a second walled enclosure, which contains the parish church of San Feliu.

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